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Neijmantototsintle (Sadness is a bird)
by Ateri Miyawatl
Illustrated by Francsico Villa
Translated into Spanish by Omar Gatica
Translated into English by D. Sam Abrams
Translated into Catalan by M.Mercè Padrosa i M. Colomer
50 copies, 13 x 8.8 inches, Nàhuatl / Catalan / English, 2018
Linocut, Letterpress

I was shocked when Francisco showed to me his linocut works. Subtle and radicals at the same time. We decided to make a colaboration while he was doing an University intership in Barcelona. The next time that he appeared at the studio he was bringing with him a nàhuatl poem by Ateri Miyawatl. We had in front of us the beguining of a book.
Neijmantototsintle received the Judge’s Choice Awards, at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, 2018.